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Goal Setting and Goal Getting: The Next Steps To Creating The Person You Want To Be


The purpose of this 21-day experience is to for you to gain a process that reliably leads you where you want to go. These proven NLP processes will support you in choosing goals that are best for you and in achieving them. Using selected cognitive behavioral processes based on NLP you will create effective filters for choosing goals that best support your personal purpose and mission.

A first principle of effective personal growth is to be kind to yourself. You are simply human, and that includes some very special frailties as well as our strengths. Throughout this program, be kind to yourself. You can define success as simply showing up every day and doing what you are able to do at that time.

Second, related to the first, everything takes longer. It’s an essential part of goal getting to realize that humans are constitutionally bad at estimating how long it will take to do something. So it is basic in learning effective goal getting to acknowledge that fact. Yes, achieving frequently takes a little longer than you first thought it would, and that’s ok.

The first step to getting your goals is choosing them - wisely. We will delve into that in some detail in the first week, and help you define what choosing wisely is for you. Then we’ll learn to choose which ones to go for first – this allows you to focus on what’s really important to you.

For instance, answering whose goal is it, anyway? Did you really want to be a doctor, or did your mother want you to? We can lose a lot of our lives chasing externally imposed goals, ideas, and notions.

They come from society, from the peer pressures of adolescence or a workplace, media, twitter, facebook, or even the wisdom of our beloved Aunt Mathilda as we understood her at 5 years old. So sorting out our goals to choose the ones that are truly important to us at this time is one of the vital processes you will gain. After all, how much more will you enjoy life when you realize you can shed those goals that really don’t matter to you? How much sooner will you have lasting satisfaction, if you drop the fake goals and focus on your real ones? You will learn that one of the most important parts of a goal getting system is the “maybe sometime” list.


Choosing goals that embody your core values is essential to having real internal congruence. That congruence is the foundation your personal power and natural charisma. People who are living in accord with their values are naturally confident and secure, and that is quite attractive.


Naturally, in the course of this course, you will also achieve a number of the initial goals you choose, particularly ones that fit within the constraints of 21-days to accomplish. You will want to have a few goals that are kind of trivial to play with and experiment on. Think of them as practice goals, and you can just be pleasantly surprised and delighted when you notice that you have achieved them during the course of these 21-days.


For your 21 Day Commitment, complete success is defined as what you accomplish in this 21 day period. Much will depend on what you are able to bring to the table, and all of us live with differing constraints. So again, doing what you can while respecting your self and your existing commitments is success.

The exercises will vary in ease and complexity from one day to the next, and from one person to the next. I suggest limits in some of the exercises to give you the best chance of experiencing completion. All the material will continue to be available for you after the formal end of the course.

By the way, you will be surprised at the way some of the more trivial seeming questions and exercises can produce surprisingly profound results.

Be Spontaneous: this program is deliberately designed to accommodate your creativity and spontaneity. The program is designed to start with our first, spontaneous responses; they are the best for you to work with today. Later there are deliberately planned areas where we will review and refine your responses.

Invite your inner critic to take a pause here. There are specific times and place where it’s input is needed and wanted; it’s a desired part of the process. To act out of turn would make your critic deserving of criticism. Your critic’s will have it’s full turn at specific times to contribute. That’s how it becomes appreciated instead of rejected.

And finally: Keeping your promises to yourself is vital to your success.
That is the only way you know you can trust yourself. It builds a strong foundation for success. A wise man once said: “The hardest, most important thing in life is making promises to yourself - and keeping them.”

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